Mentors The aspirations of the scholars are encouraged and supported by their mentors. The range of support offered by the mentors vary with the needs of the scholar but include: professional advice, help with graduate school application, resource help, networking and more. The Mentors listed below contribute their valuable resources to support the New Leader Scholars.

Annie Asch

Scott Davis

Mark Edwards

Saul Feldman

Eric Goldman

Ruth Goldman

Steve Goldman

William Goldman

Vicky Gomez

Christine Harris

Alicia Hayes

Bette Hollis

Phil Klasky

Dorothy Mann

Rue Mapp

Sarah Felicia Moore-Jordan

Peng Ngin

Courtney Norris

Harvey Peskin

Tsipa Peskin

Anne Rivo

Rita Rodriguez

Karen Shay

Delane Simms

Jennifer Sousae

Cathy Valdez

Bill White


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