Our Vision

The New Leader Scholarship facilitates, develops and supports a national network of outstanding scholar/change agents committed to provide leadership in advocating the cause of social justice. Power, influence, wealth and authority in the United States have always been and remain the province of a select group. Increasingly this concentration is dissociated from the "New America"- one which accepts true equality for all.
The New Leader Scholars, transcending their origins from the marginalized and diverse, disenfranchised of our nation, are pledged to assist each other, collaborate with and support those who come behind them. They will, with our help, become the new representative leaders of the "New America".

Born the 5th child of a schizophrenic mother in an impoverished community, there was little hope for my future. Growing up in foster care, feeling uncertain about my life's possibilities, and fearful that I would inherit my birth mother's disease, I still finished high school. I attempted college, but was without the skills and support to be successful; I dropped out after a short time, I got married, started a family, and thought I would never finish my undergraduate studies. read more

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