New Leader Scholars

One hundred and twenty students have been designated New Leader Scholars, receiving an aggregate of over 250 stipends totaling over a million dollars. The Fund provides annual unrestricted stipends, up to $10,000 each, for tuition and/or living expenses. Additionally, the New Leader Scholarship awards up to $2,500 for the application process (e.g. test fees, tutoring and application fees) to graduate school.

The Fund uniquely provides more than financial assistance in the form of workshops, seminars, mentoring, career guidance, personal health assistance and the New Leader Scholars network.

Typically the stipends are tipping effect, allowing a New Leader Scholar to participate in a summer research project not otherwise affordable, or to continue community service rather than taking a second part-time job. Watch a video of New Leader Scholar Awards.

Since 2005, scholarships have been available for multiple years through graduate school in California public universities.

Click here for a list of graduate schools attended by NLS scholars 

Scholars Show Resilience, Passion, and Dedication

After more that decade, can see outcome helping incredibly talented scholars exceed their own vision and exercise their leadership potential. In time of unparalleled financial crisis, they continue with their education and strive to meet their goals for social progress. These are some of stories.

Lanice Avery

Haleh Badkoobehi

Derick Brown

April Joy Damian

Ashley Dunn

Gabby Falzone

Felicia Moore Jordan

Armando Lara

Svetlana Lunskaya

Rue Mapp

Tiffany Montgomery

Samorn Selim

Christyna Maria Serrano

Michael Tsia

Ricardo Valencia

Arezo Yazd

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