Scholarship Benefits

In addition to the scholarship awards, we provide workshops, mentoring, career guidance and access to a network composed of the board of directors, donors and past award recipients.

Students are expected to remain connected to the New Leader Scholarship Fund and awardees’ network in order to contribute to the goals of the Fund.

Some of the benefits of becoming a New Leader Scholar include:

  • Annual retreat
  • Periodic Workshops conducted by the New Leader Scholarship Board and Alumni
  • Graduate school entrance exam, application and preperatory course support
  • Annual New Leader Banquet that provides an opportunity to make connections with Board, Alumni and donors

In addition, the New Leader Scholarship provides mentoring, career guidance and networking resources for scholars. Scholars are encouraged to contact Dr. Ruth Goldman for information.


I grew up in the south of Market and Tenderloin Districts of San Francisco in the midst of poverty.

 I became acutely aware of the socioeconomic inequalities facing poor people of color. Daily, I observed police brutality, gang violence, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and prostitution in my neighborhood.

Fortunately, my faith and my single mother inspired and strengthened me. I committed myself to excel in school as a means of improving my situation. The support of my church and communities, both on and off campus, helped me thrive as a pre-med Ethnic Studies major at UC, Berkeley. read more…



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