2000 Recipients (current as of 2010)
· Xavier Corona · Wilfredo Herrera
· Veronica Keiffer Neal  


Xavier Corona

XAVIER CORONA, 36, emigrated from Mexico with his parents and earned a Bachelor's Degree from U.C., Berkeley in 2001 with majors in Peace and Conflict Studies and Chicano Studies. He received a Master's Degree in Public Policy in Education from the University of Michigan and is now in an MBA Program at Northwestern University. In his second year of graduate study at Michigan, he received a "New Student Leadership Award". Xavier returned to San Diego and worked as a community relations officer for a national retail chain until being recruited for a position in Wisconsin as a branch manager for Chase Morgan Stanley in Appleton, Wisconsin. In 2009, he and his family moved to Chicago where he is now employed as an acting supervisor and head of the Latino Division for Flowers Communication Group. He volunteers his time to the Chicago Public Schools Board, helping to develop a Safety and Security Strategy for all of their schools.
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Wilfredo Herrera

WILFREDO HERRERA, 31, was born in El Salvador and came to the United States as a teenager in 1992. A graduate of U.C., Berkeley, he received his Master's degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas in Austin, where he studied the impact of racism in Brazil as his thesis. He went to work for Citibank as a Client Financial Analyst, first in Marin County and then in Austin, Texas. He specialized in helping first-time home owners in the Latin American community. Three years ago, he returned to El Salvador, working as an English teacher in his home village for several months. Subsequently, he taught English in Columbia. Now, back in the United States, he plans to pursue his original goal of becoming a high school or community college teacher. Willie, recently married, also became an American citizen this past year.
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Veronica Keiffer Neal

VERONICA KEIFFER NEAL, 35, earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from San Jose State University and both an MA and Ed.Dc. from Mills College. She continues her strong interest in diversity and biracial identity training and also administers the two non-profit organizations which she co-founded with her brother. Prior to starting her doctoral program in education at Mills, she held a staff position at Shanti. Veronica is on the faculty of the Extended Education Program at San Francisco State University as well as other universities in the Bay Area, teaching courses on diversity. Veronica is married and has two children.
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