In Kind

99.5% of all contributions go directly to students.

The New Leader Scholarship welcomes various non-cash contributions and support including:

  • Airline tickets to visit graduate programs and attend the annual banquet
  • Previously-owned computer equipment
  • Mentoring support and guidance
  • Medical assistance for uninsured students
  • Discounted rental property/housing opportunities
  • Transportation support

For more information about donation opportunities contact:

Dr. Ruth Goldman
The New Leader Scholarship




The following in-kind contributions have been made to the New Leader Scholarship. They consist of, but are not limited to the following:  pro bono help with air miles, career coaching, dental care, financial advice, graduate school preparation, legal advice, medical care, and psychotherapy.

We thank the donors profusely for their time and help in providing services that aid the New Leader Scholars in attaining their goals.


Listed alphabetically:

Forrest Bond

Lisa Buchwalter

Jean Burnett

Robin Cooper

Scott Davis

Mary Jane England

Madeleine Feingold

Alisa and Tracy Bahl

Mitch Feldman

Saul and Gloria Feldman

Paul Fink

Steve Goldman and Jodi King

Esme Gordon

Alan Mann and Gaile Sarma

Dorothy Mann and Bill White

Laura Mann and Tomio Nakadegawa

Ken Monteiro

Peng Ngin

Rita Rodriguez

Ruth and Pravin Varaiya

Colin Weil


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